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About us

Graduated from University of New Castle, Dr Yannis Abraham got the degree of a general dentist in 2021 from James Cook University in Australia with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) degree and is also registered as an oral hygienist. He is an enthusiast in treating gum diseases, restoring cavities, performing root canals, placing crowns and veneers, and performing dental cosmetic and surgery along with treatments such as clear aligners and implants. He is driven to revolutionize dentistry to improve the patient experience and deliver high-quality care. He is currently studying for graduate degrees in implantology and orthodontics. He has published two articles in dentistry journals and is passionate about serving disadvantaged communities in remote areas. He has done voluntary dental work in Vietnam, West Timor, and served aboriginal communities in northern territory for a few years. He loves dentistry because it allows him to connect with people and develop an ongoing relationship with patients and their families. He also enjoys playing soccer as a pastime.

Dr. Saimir’s passion for dentistry started when he experienced the powerful impact of exceptional dental treatment and the difference a smile can make to a person’s self-esteem.

Graduating from the University of Sydney as a Doctor of Dental Medicine, Dr Zhurka approaches his practice with a philosophy of care and old fashioned family values. His mission is to treat all his patients like he would his own family.

He explores each patient’s individual needs and prides himself on open communication and helpful discussion around treatment options, with a particular interest in cosmetic makeovers having experience and training within this area.

For some, visits to the dentist can be associated with negative feelings, however through a calm and kind nature he helps put his patients at ease.

Outside of the clinic, you will find him immersing himself in a world of fitness, nature and relaxation.

Michael graduated from James Cook University in Cairns in 2017 with a bachelor of Dental Surgery, and before that he graduated from University of Sydney in 2010 with a Bachelor of Pharmacy. He has a strong passion for preventive dental treatment of both young and old patients. He has a particular interest in orthodontic treatment, especially early intervention treatment for children, as well as being extensively trained to use fixed braces and aligners to achieve beautiful results for his patients. Michael enjoys spending time with his family, and he also enjoys cooking in his spare time. When he is not working, Michael likes to read and educate himself on the latest advances in dental technologies and techniques from around the world