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Penthrox Sedation: A Breath of Relief

~ Try Penthrox, the Green Whistle that takes the pain away~

An essential material in sleep dentistry, Penthrox, officially known as Methoxyflurane, is used to provide relief from pain and anxiety during dental treatment. It is mainly used for emergency relief from moderate to severe pain in adult patients with trauma and associated pain.

At Supercare, we use Penthrox responsibly for individuals in the dire need of it. This effective sedation method helps patients relax so that our dentists can effectively administer the required dental treatments while ensuring your comfort.

Penthrox is an analgesic which acts as an immediate solution for pain relief. It is used for diluting unbearable pain and decreasing anxiety level.

Penthrox sedation refers to the use of Methoxyflurane, a medication delivered through an inhaler, to provide pain relief and mild sedation during medical and dental procedures. Penthrox is a hand-held inhaler that delivers a mixture of Methoxyflurane and oxygen. When inhaled, it produces a mild sedative effect that helps alleviate pain and anxiety, allowing patients to remain conscious and responsive but blissfully pain-free. 

Penthrox sedation is particularly useful for managing discomfort and anxiety during minor procedures and emergency situations. Its rapid onset and short duration make it a convenient and effective option for enhancing patient comfort.

Penthrox: The green whistle, your ally for comfort

Penthrox, affectionately known as the ‘Green Whistle’, has gained recognition as a safe and effective sedation method. The whistle-like green-coloured inhaler administers a carefully balanced blend of Methoxyflurane and oxygen, producing a calming and pain-relieving effect. 

Patients can self-administer Penthrox under supervision, allowing them to control their comfort level during dental procedures. Its non-invasive nature and quick action make it a favourable choice for various situations, from routine dental treatments to more complex procedures.

About it’s usage

While Penthrox has many uses and benefits, it is distinct from other alternatives, such as anaesthesia and laughing gas:

We follow Guidelines

  1. Our doctors possess a sound knowledge of penthrox and its usage in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and Anxiolysis guidelines of the Dental Board of Australia.
  2. We take extreme care that it is not used with any other sedatives.
  3. The patient is given the sole control of the inhaler.
  4. Our doctors have a clear and concise discussion on its intended purpose with the patient prior to the commencement of the treatment.
  5. Patients are monitored after the usage of penthrox for about 24 hrs.

Benefits of Penthrox Sedation

  • Immediate Relief: Penthrox acts quickly, providing immediate relief from anxiety and pain.
  • Controlled Comfort: Patients can self-administer Penthrox, maintaining control over their sedation level.
  • Non-Invasive: Penthrox is inhaled, eliminating the need for injections or needles.
  • Versatility: It is suitable for a wide range of procedures, from routine cleanings to more complex treatments.
  • Quick Recovery: The effects wear off rapidly after the treatment, allowing you to resume your daily activities.

Experience the benefits of Penthrox sedation at Supercare Dental & Cosmetics, where your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Types of sedation used in dentistry

Sedation dentistry includes various sedation options that help you become and stay comfortable during  dental procedures. These include:


Penthrox, also known as Methoxyflurane or ‘Green Whistle’, is a fast-acting inhalation analgesic used for pain relief, particularly in medical settings and emergency situations. It’s self-administered by inhaling the vapour through a handheld device. Penthrox provides quick pain relief, making it useful for managing short-term pain, such as injuries or dental procedures.

Preparing for Penthrox use involves discussing your medical history, allergies, and medications with your dentist. Follow their instructions for using the inhaler properly and effectively. Be aware of potential side effects and how to manage them. Keep emergency contact information handy and attend follow-up appointments as recommended.